Naturally Nourished Episode 71
Aphrodisiac Foods

Looking to improve your sex life or balance hormones? Wondering if there is any truth to the idea of aphrodisiac foods like oysters, strawberries and dark chocolate? Want the perfect

Naturally Nourished Episode 70
Dirty Genes with Dr. Ben Lynch

Intrigued by the topic of epigenetics and want to go deeper? Want practical tips on how you can influence and modify your genetic expression to prevent disease? Tune in to

Naturally Nourished Episode 69
Epigenetics and Methylation

Have you ever heard yourself say “it’s in my genes so there’s nothing I can do”? Feel like your future health is beyond your control? Wondering why you respond differently

Naturally Nourished Episode 68
Supporting Your Immune System Naturally

Were you caught off guard by this year’s cold and flu season? Feeling run down or like you are always fighting something? Want to make sure your Farmacy is stocked

Naturally Nourished Acai Bowl

NATURALLY NOURISHED ACAI BOWL FOOD AS MEDICINE Acai berries have been shown in some studies to be richer in protective antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or goji berries.

Naturally Nourished Episode 67
Successful Resolutions & Goal Setting

Are you already struggling with keeping your resolutions for this year? Feeling unmotivated or unsure of how to approach your health and wellness goals? Want to hear our take on

Naturally Nourished Episode 66

Are you a gym rat or treadmill junkie who has suddenly hit a plateau? Wondering why you are feeling burned out by your bootcamp? Do you feel like you work

Naturally Nourished Adrenal Rehab Elixir

NATURALLY NOURISHED ADRENAL REHAB ELIXIR FOOD AS MEDICINE: This electrolyte balancing formula boosts the adrenal glands, aiding in favorable cortisol response and regulating aldosterone, which plays a role in hydration and

Naturally Nourished Episode 65
Forecasting Nutrition and Functional Medicine Trends

Want to hear our take on the biggest trends of 2017? Wondering what is all hype and what we think is here to stay? Curious about the next big thing