Naturally Nourished Low Carb Margarita

NATURALLY NOURISHED LOW CARB MARGARITA FOOD AS MEDICINE Tequila is definitely the most keto-friendly alcohol choice in terms of its caloric influence and can be dressed up a number of

Kombucha CollaGin Fizz

KOMBUCHA COLLAGIN FIZZ FOOD AS MEDICINE Alcohol can be sterilizing to the microbiome–think about using an alcohol swab to sterilize! The same thing can happen in the gut with overconsumption

Bone Broth Bloody Mary

BONE BROTH BLOODY MARY FOOD AS MEDICINE Cocktails as medicine? Especially in the traditional sense, a bloody mary can actually feel that way after a night of a little too

How to Prevent and Manage a Hangover

HOW TO PREVENT AND MANAGE A HANGOVER Let’s be honest, hangovers can happen to the best of us, even when sticking to a real food lifestyle. While we definitely don’t

Golden Bone Broth

GOLDEN BONE BROTH FOOD AS MEDICINE Whether you are having chicken or beef bone broth, adding fat and spices like turmeric can add nourishment in the form of anti-inflammatory compounds,

Avocado Keto Brownies

AVOCADO KETO BROWNIES Another day another cooking adventure with Stella! She is still my little chocolate lover, “momma, tiny piece of choocolaate?” haha! I was looking at a bunch of