A Case Study


We worked with Reliant NRG in a 4-part lecture series in the winter of 2014 with a kick-off event where NRG offered free lunch to employees to introduce them to our Biggest Loser Challenge. Ali lectured in the kick-off on 3 simple ways to lose weight, What is Optimal Eating?, and an introduction to the challenge as our Nutrition Educator worked to collect initial assessments, nutrition aptitude, and anthropometrics while Reliant staff worked to actively register employees. In this situation employees donated to March of Dimes and part of their donation offset the cost of the program. Also, to encourage participation, we offered incentives including an iPod and donations, which included consultations and cooking classes. Participants received a raffle ticket for each session attended increasing their odds for a prize by more frequent participation.

Topics presented on included:

  • Navigating the Grocery Store and Label Lingo
  • Volumetrics for Disease Prevention and Keeping Carbs in Check!
  • You’re Halfway There! Midway Assessments and one-on-one goal setting
  • Healthy Dining Out Choice: Eat This, Not That!
  • SMART goals for Wellness and Boosting your Metabolism

Lunch and learn topics were distributed in 4 lectures and additional 15-minute break out sessions for individualized support was offered during week 3 of the 5 week program. The lectures all built off content previously learned but were able to be attended and picked up on by those new to the program. Individual sessions were a unique addition that allowed for customized meal planning, specific disease and health related questions, individualized goal setting, and accountability with one-on-one support.


  • Nutrition aptitude scores improved by greater than 42%
  • Average weight loss was of 7 pounds during the 5 week period
  • 3-month follow-up of cholesterol and blood sugar values improved by participants
  • Employees demonstrated enthusiasm and positive feedback with each lecture growing in numbers

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“This program was such a success that by the tail end, we switched our T-shirts from being “Biggest Loser” to “I’m Naturally Nourished!” employees were enthusiastic and we have already seen a positive ROI!”

[/rs_blockquote][rs_blockquote cite=”NRG Employee”]

“Ali was very approachable and provided a wealth of knowledge. The time I took to attend these lectures was well utilized and I have been feeling more grounded with better thought processing and less brain fog accompanied by increased energy! Thanks Naturally Nourished!”

[/rs_blockquote][rs_blockquote cite=”- NRG Employee”]“Just following the tips and guidelines provided by Ali, I was able to half my diabetic medication and better understand how to manage my disease. I felt empowered by her approach to food-as-medicine and am grateful to work for a company that provides these resources!”[/rs_blockquote]

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