Health Fair


Invite our wellness practitioners to your health fair or let us develop one for your corporate wellness initiatives. We will provide various booths to promote improved energy levels, healthy eating behaviors, weight loss, stress management, and foundations of optimal health. If you elect to do lab assessments such as a pre-diabetes or heart disease risk evaluation, our medically trained professionals can work with your employees to aid in the interpretation of their true risk while providing tips and goals to improve their values. In addition to creating booths to best meet your business’s needs, we can provide complementary community partners to create a diverse, comprehensive, and interactive event!

Choose 2-3 booth options in your next corporate health fair event:

  • Diabetes and sugar shockers
  • Volumetrics for weight management
  • Eat this not THAT! Portion Distortion
  • East this not THAT! Healthy Dining out and Fast Food Selections
  • Probiotics 101
  • Superfoods and Eating the Rainbow for Antioxidants
  • Curbing Sugar Cravings with Real Food
  • Fighting inflammation: Heart Healthy Eating
  • Improving your Digestive Health and the impact of Stress
  • The Power of Protein on Body Composition
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • The Anti-inflammatory Diet
  • The Facts on Fats: Eat Fat Get Skinny!
  • Vital Vitamins and Minerals
  • The Green Grass Diet (Pasture-raised/Grass-fed impact on health)
  • What is Detox? Tips for healthy nutritional detox

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