Lunch and Learn


Lunch and Learn classes are formatted for group presentations and are the perfect way to guide your employees to better health! These sessions will teach even the fast food junkies to expand their abundance of natural foods and how to combine foods for optimal body composition. They will not only learn what to eat but will master when and why they should eat specific types of foods!

Select from our list of Corporate Wellness topics or work with Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE to customize your own! Each Session will be 60-75 minutes in length including time for a 30-45 minute presentation, Q&A, and hands on component. All seminars include the option of adding a hands-on food demonstration and recipe tasting of healthy meals in a FLASH or Superfoods for an additional fee based on expected participants.


Your program may consist of a series of quarterly initiatives with incentives for employee attendance. Participants can attend multiple lectures, which will build off one another yet if an employee is only able to attend one, they will be able to catch on to the core concepts presented. Each lecture will be unique in content and will include components of healthy eating and lifestyle changes that are applicable in daily life. Participants will learn a minimum of 3-4 take-home messages at each lunch and learn and will go home with a minimum of 2 recipes and 2-3 handouts from each session. Pricing is based on detailed quote from initial discussion, package discounts may be applicable. Contact us today for your customized program!

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