naturally nourished

Naturally Nourished uses food-as-medicine approaches to disease prevention, sustainable weight loss, and successful treatment outcomes. We utilize naturopathic approaches to wellness combined with the strengths of cutting edge research in clinical medicine with what is best described as functional integrative medicine. Our Houston-based clinic provides in-office appointments and provides active clients access to BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) body composition scans, lab kits, and the Naturally Nourished supplement line.

Our team of nutrition practitioners can develop an intervention and treatment protocol to promote wellness, symptom resolution and disease management utilizing food-as-medicine inspired by and overseen by Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE. We focus on improving on the health and wellness of the whole person instead of a quick fix with medication which may contribute to additional health issues by causing side effects. Naturally Nourished will treat your body as a whole, discovering the imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic dysfunction that regulate your system and are all too often overlooked in a standard model of health care. By strategic use of laboratory assessments, food-as-medicine, mind-body counseling, and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplementation, we can address and correct these underlying issues to promote better health and functionality.


This program provides accountability to jumpstart for weight
loss, disease management or treatment.

  • 90-minute Individual Initial consult
  • Two 45-minute Follow-up consults
  • Food journal audit
  • Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Health cookbook, personally signed copy
  • Email support for 90 days

*Please note additional fees will be applied if session extension
is needed for additional lab reviews, this package includes 2
functional lab reviews.
**Cost of labs and supplements are not included in any
consults or this package


You are convinced you need to do something with your health
and realize functional medicine may be the path for you.

  • Functional medicine assessment
  • Lab recommendations
  • Supplement review and recommendations
  • Diet myths and facts: addressing common misunderstanding
  • Review of 3 day food diary identifying areas of change or improvement
  • Macronutrient recommendations
  • 3 key micronutrients to focus on with food-as-medicine

Individualized support
*Does not include the cost of labs or supplements


Have your heard about how eating FAT can help you get SKINNY?

Low-carb diets have gained popularity over the past 40 years and research supports the sustainability of the results compared to calorie restricted or low fat plans. Beyond weight loss, a very low carbohydrate diet can play a beneficial role in brain health, gut bacterial reset, and hormonal balance. Learn about the process of ketosis, how to achieve a ketogenic state and how to monitor success, benefits of ketosis and how to use it as a tool to create optimal health outcomes. Individual sessions to include accountability with review of dietary intake, troubleshooting stubborn weight loss and symptoms of ketosis, supplement recommendations, meal planning and more!


  • Four 45-minute Follow-up consults
  • Four BIA (Body Composition) scans
  • Weekly Food Journal Audit

3 Pack of Follow Up Sessions

3-pack of follow-up consultations with Becki Yoo, MS, RD, LD purchase in a bundle to save!

$85 off with advanced purchase of 3 sessions


Now that we have created an action plan and intervention we
will review lab results and/or progress with our wellness meal

  • Functional medicine interventions or treatment plan
  • Lab interpretation and explanation
  • Supplement recommendations and adjustments
  • Check-in on progress with goals and dietary change
  • Tailored dietary support to synergize with medical interventions
  • 3 day diet review

*Does not include cost of labs or supplements
**This is only offered to active clients that have already
participated in an initial consult

20-minute check in with Becki Yoo

This service is a perfect quick touch base for clinical updates, supplement changes, symptom shifts, Q&A, and additional lab review.

*Does not include cost of labs or supplements

**This can also be used by non-patients for Q&A on concepts, recommendations, dietary and food questions, but non-patients will not be given medical advice as time does not allow for assessment and health history or risk.

Therapeutic Meal Planning

Therapeutic Meal Planning

$250 (90 minutes)

Can be used for advanced meal planning for your MRT diet or for special needs diets such as a texture diet, chemotherapy support, newly diagnosed diabetic and more!

Weight Loss Accountability

This package includes 3 20-minute check-in sessions with body composition scans. During this time, Becki will analyze and explain the shifts in your BIA scan while reviewing your food journal and adjusting as needed to yield best outcomes. You will leave with specific goals to focus on to continue to get successful outcomes and will have accountability with the next appointment in the books!

Note: This is only available to active clients or participants of the Virtual Ketosis Weight Loss Group!

Working with a functional dietitian can help you achieve wellness with natural disease prevention.