The integrity of the gut and digestive tract is often the first place to start in a functional medicine approach to healing the body. GI imbalance can lead to Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and a range of diseases beyond the digestive tract including diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal imbalance, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome and more. It is important to identify the root cause of any intestinal stress in order to apply the appropriate intervention.


· IBS/IBD like symptoms
· Excessive gas/bloating
· Indigestion, burning
· Nausea
· Distention
· Loose stools
· Urgency
· Constipation
· GI pain/cramping
· Blood in the stool

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis by Doctor’s Data can identify if you have an imbalance of bacterial flora in the large intestine, assess for H. Pylori and other pathogens, parasites, Candida overgrowth, or issues with digestion and malabsorption. Beyond a typical stool assessment, these results can reveal a parasite, yeast (Candida) overgrowth, or colonization of pathogenic bacteria noting the agents that the bacteria, yeast, or parasite are reactive to vs. resistant to. In addition to assessing overgrowth of undesired compounds, this panel can assess the level of bacteria in the body including the diversity and distribution of strains of probacteria. Beyond defining what is living in the bowel or GI tract, this panel digs into the elements of optimal digestion assessing enzymes, bile, pH, undigested fat, fiber, and protein. This allows a specific treatment plan knowing the optimal approach based on the particular digestive imbalance driving your digestive disturbance and extending into valued information for autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, and more.

This is suitable for clients with bloating, distension, belching, gas, indigestion, GERD, IBS, IBD, diarrhea, constipation, and autoimmune disease.


START TODAY! What is included?

Get the CDSA test kit today to end your digestive discomfort for good! Each online lab test purchased comes with a complimentary 15 minute lab review by a functional medicine practitioner. For a more in depth lab interpretation with personalized supplement and diet intervention recommendations, upgrade to an initial consultation today! For lab pricing, visit the SHOP page.

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