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Optimal Eating with Naturally Nourished is developed as a 1-month program. We recommend you progress through the chapters and cooking demos over a four week period making continuous realistic changes to your lifestyle and eating habits for Optimal Wellness!

It is best to pace your self through the process but continue to move forward through each video to maintain progress and motivation.

With your purchase, you will have unlimited access to download all printed materials and view all educational and demo videos for 6 weeks!


Optimal Eating with Naturally Nourished will provide a foundation for your transition into REAL FOODS, applicable steps to make sustainable changes, and the impact of food as medicine on YOUR body.

Some of the recipes included:


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• Recipes

• Grocery List

• Individualized Worksheets

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Course Outline

Learn about functional medicine and how chronic illness can be resolved with food-as-medicine… Meet Ali Miller, your guide and personal integrative dietitian in your journey to optimal eating. Learn how to navigate the classes and how to best use resources available for best results!

If food is our medicine, it is important we are selecting the most nutritionally dense sources… Learn about the role of whole non-processed foods and the difference between local, sustainable, organic, and conventionally grown foods. When nutrients are isolated often we miss out on intended nutritional benefits or may experience toxicity from undesired byproducts.

Learn about the ways to direct your intake for balanced nutrition and disease prevention. You will… navigate the Naturally Nourished wheel of distribution from superfoods to mindful indulgences, learn about the role of each dietary grouping. Find out which ones you want to include on a daily basis and how to adjust portions at meals and snacks for optimal nourishment!



Start your journey off by starting each day off right. Learn about the role of your body’s vital… organs in fasting vs. active metabolic mode and how to improve functionality to promote optimal metabolism. Learn about the importance of protein upon rise to maintain lean body mass and provide satiety to decrease cravings throughout the day.

Focus on frequency. Learn about the role of frequent eating for balanced metabolism, blood sugar,… and energy levels. Beyond developing your eating schedule, you will learn about how to ensure your meals and snacks are balanced. Begin to focus on your carbohydrate “budget” and learn about the role of different nutrients on the function and composition of your body.

Awareness and accountability are key for consistent behavior change. Learn about ways to modify your … favorite foods while still staying on track and focus on meeting your vegetable needs for low-calorie yet high-satisfaction and antioxidant intake! Begin tracking your intake noting food selection, balance, portions, as well as symptoms such as digestive function, energy, sleep, and brain function.

Beyond the choices you make on a daily basis and the environmental shifts to set yourself up for… success, it is important to examine the reward wires and stress patterns in our brain. Learn about food-as-medicine approaches to balance stress hormones in your body and begin to examine your personal brain-gut relationship. Begin to explore the differences of emotional vs. physical hunger and apply the hunger-satiety scale to your journaling.



Learn how to identify your best carbohydrate options. Learn about carbohydrate portions for… appropriate serving sizes and how to balance out your plate. Learn about gluten, the role of the paleo diet, and why one would want to soak and sprout grains/beans. Understand best sweetener options and how they will affect your recipes and culinary outcomes.

Learn about the role of fats in balancing your hormones, brain function, and how fats can be… supportive of our health vs. destructive to our health based on selection. Learn about the best fats for heat application and the role of oxidative damage on our bodies. Begin to focus on structure and function in your fat selections and aim for those with nutritional support such as those that are anti-inflammatory.

Focus on protein rich foods that aid in lean body mass and production of neurotransmitters to boost … mood. Learn about the impact of the diet and processing of the animal such as grass-fed vs. grain fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free options. Begin to focus of quality as well as meeting your quantity with your daily needs through whole, clean, traditional protein sources.

Now that you are eating clean and focusing on real single ingredient foods, learn how to ensure the … flavors are balanced and appealing. Focus on blending Fat, Acid, Salt, and Sweet when making dressings, sauces, marinades, and ensuring a round flavor profile. Learn about which foods are classified in each category and how you can begin to explore in your kitchen with simple whole food substitutions.