Do you consider yourself healthy but still don’t feel great? Are you looking for a quick jumpstart to get back on track after a vacation, birthday, or holiday? Have you tried a juice cleanse and felt good but aren’t sure if it actually “worked”? If you have never done a medically supported real food detox, this Reboot may be exactly what you need to reset your metabolism and get rid of toxic accumulation from years of buildup that you may not even realize is harming your health. A medically supported nutritional detox is nothing like a juice cleanse as it is backed by medical research to support the biochemical pathways of detoxification with therapeutic supportive compounds. It will leave you energized with renewed mental clarity while achieving weight loss that will stick! Oftentimes, a juice cleanse yields weight loss from muscle wasting and water loss which can ultimately hinder metabolism and cause a rapid regain! The best part? You will be chewing (not sipping) your meals, which will have an abundance of tasty and nourishing foods to support your liver to rid the body of nasty chemicals!