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We support your journey with resources to aid in ways to meet your goals, mix up your meal plan, and continue your path of food-as-medicine education!

All formulas carried on this site are third party tested for purity, toxins, byproducts, and standard of quality in a dosage that is effective to impact your health and wellness. Please use these supplements to support your treatment plan as prescribed by Ali in your individualized treatment plan and contact our office with any questions. If you are not a current patient, please limit your selection to wellness formulas and supplement bundles or schedule an individual consult to assess the best formulas for you!

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Although food can be medicine for maintaining optimal health and preventing disease, when we are coming from a state of depletion or increased need, nutritional supplementation is often necessary.

Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE has chosen only pharmaceutical-grade supplements from the top manufacturers in the industry to support your
treatment plan and maintain optimal health and vitality. The lines carried by Naturally Nourished are only available to medical practitioners due to their potency. The supplement industry available to the public is not regulated by the FDA or an external regulatory party, it is important to ensure you are improving your health and not wrecking additional havoc with the addition of supplements to your routine.


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