Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrollable growth of abnormal (damaged) cells in the body, typically seen as a malignant tumor. These tumors aim to conquer cells by taking over healthy organs; spreading rapidly and leading to destruction. When addressing cancer treatment and prevention with functional foods and nutrients it is important to work with a practitioner that is educated in the mechanism of action ensuring that desired effects are not negated by additional side effects or biological dysfunction.

At Naturally Nourished, we focus on starving off tumors by cutting off their source of fuel, stopping the growth of new vessels (angiogenesis) and enhancing immune function by promoting natural killer (NK) cells to fight against cancer and induce cellular death. With food-as-medicine approaches, we can aggressively fight tumor growth while supporting your body with anti-inflammatory nutrients from clean non-processed foods.


Micronutrient Panel to identity vitamin and mineral deficiencies often brought on excess insulin and/or medications.

Insulin Growth Factor serum test (IGF) to identify a growth factor known to stimulate growth of cancerous cells.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) to assess inflammation levels in the body.



  • Individualized Consultation
  • Medical Assessment with Comprehensive Lifestyle Intake
  • Coordination of care with specialists, primary care physician, and medical team
  • Food-as-medicine education about:
    • Mechanisms of cancer
    • Foods that lead to increased risk
    • Foods that treat or fight against cancer
    • Lifestyle changes to support wellness outcomes
  • Customized Meal Plan emphasizing foods that are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich that helps prevent the root cause of cancer.
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations: assess those currently taking. prescribe pharmaceutical-grade options to help balance system to promote wellness and decrease medications (during active treatment supplementation is only recommended when correcting a nutritional deficiency and with whole food bioavailable forms)



Contain sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols (IC3s) which drive the phase 2 detox pathways functioning to excrete carcinogenic substances while preventing precancerous cell growth and promoting Natural Killer cells (NK cells) to build an army against cancer.

Try sautéing broccoli with garlic, braising cabbage in vinegar with ginger, massaging a Rawsome Kale Salad, and roasting Curried Cauliflower

“Everyone has potential cancerous cells in their body and it is our lifestyle that either provokes or inhibits cancer growth. Diet has an equal impact on both ends of the spectrum. At Naturally Nourished, we will promote elimination of toxins and foods that fuel cancer cells while providing nutrient-dense foods to fight cancer and support your body.”


Everyone has potentially cancerous cells in their body. The most common cancers that effect us in America (breast, colon, prostate) are 10-60xs more prevalent than in areas such as Asia and yet, population studies have identified the same amount of precancerous cells in both regions. This suggests it is our lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress levels, environment, etc.) that provokes cancer growth. Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine separates nature from nurture as it looks at cancer rates among adopted children. The adoptees with no genetic connection to their adoptive parents who solely passed on their lifestyle and behaviors had a 5-fold increased risk of cancer mortality demonstrating a lifestyle or nurture causation. However, if the genetic parent had cancer there was no influence on the child correlated in the research. We can no longer blame “bad” genes as our lifestyle has more of an impact!

As a functional medicine provider, I focus on the root causes of a condition. This can be seen as addressing the why or origin of a chronic health condition vs. silencing the symptoms. When looking at chronic conditions, a functional medicine approach examines the epigenome or environmental impact of our genetic code.

The epigenome concept is very empowering to the individual as it states that our environment, including toxins, stress levels, nutritional status, sleep patterns, and food choices have the ability to up-regulate “turn on” or down-regulate “turn off” specific gene expression. This demonstrates that one could have a gene that is positive for cancer but based on their epigenome it may or may not be expressed “activated”. Diet is a key element as our food choices can have an equal impact on both ends of the spectrum serving to fight or provoke cancer. From antioxidants to trans-fats, real foods vs. food-like products can play a great role on our health and disease risk. With your Naturally Nourished practitioner, you will learn about therapeutic foods to include and those to avoid for balanced approaches to fight cancer.

During treatment our body is attacked by chemotherapy and radiation aiming to kill off the rapidly dividing cancer cells; however, all too often during this time we can suffer from undesired side effects. Loss of apatite, irregular blood sugar levels, fatigue, and impaired digestion including vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, gas, bloating, ulceration, and inflammation can all be addressed with therapeutic dietary approaches.

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